2nd National Apitherapy Congress will be held within the scope of WorldApiExpo

One of the 5 big events of WorldApiExpo, 2nd National Apitherapy Congress will take place on the ExpoNext Digicon digital platform on 3-4 April 2021. The 10th anniversary of the Apitherapy Association will also be celebrated at the Congress, which will be held with the main theme of “Apitherapy as Preventive and Health-Improving Therapy”. Academic papers will also be presented in 2nd National Apitherapy Congress, paper applications can be made via the link https://tr.apitherapycongress.org/bildiri-basvurusu/. Bringing together the 5 major events on bees and beekeeping; namely TAB Beekeeping Summit and Workshop, International Apimedica Congress, 4th International Apitherapy Congress, IFA, 3rd Propolis in Human and Bee Health Conference and 2nd International Apitherapy Congress; WorldApiExpo – International Apitherapy, Apimedica, Apiculture and Propolis Fair, will be held on ExpoNext Digicon Online Platform between March 26 – April 4, 2021. The event will be held with the contributions and supports of TR Ministry of Health, TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Apitherapy Association, International Apitherapy Federation, International Propolis Research Group (IPRG), Turkish Beekeepers Association (TABA) and Istanbul Medipol University and the organization of Expoturk, and witness the meeting of sector professionals with a broad participation bringing together beekeeping and honey producers, honey and honey by-products producers, beekeeping and honey production material producers and producers of pharmaceutical and feed additives, bee health, apitherapy, apimedical, apiculture, propolis products and technologies.

In the week including March 30, World Apitherapy Day, 5 major events will be held together on the same platform.
WorldApiExpo Opening and Protocol Speeches (March 26, 2021)
TAB Beekeeping Summit and Workshop (National/Sectoral)(26-27 March 2021)
International Apimedica Congress (International / Turkish-English) (27-28 March 2021)
4th International Apitherapy Congress, IFA (International / Turkish-English) (29-31 March 2021)
3rd Propolis in Human and Bee Health Conference (International / Turkish-English) (1-2 April 2021)
2nd National Apitherapy Congress (National/Sectoral)(3-4 April 2021)
Evaluation Meetings, Final Papers and Closing (April 4, 2021)