World Api Expo is bringing
the most important honey
producers in the world together

Special COVID-19
and Apitherapy Sessions

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Fang Zhu (China)


Prof. Ahmed Hegazi (Egypt)


Prof. Abdurrahim Koçyiğit (Turkey)

Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro (Ecuador)


Asst. Prof. Ali Timuçin Atayoğlu (Turkey)


Prof. Badiaa Lyoussi (Morocco)


Prof. Banu Yücel (Turkey)


Prof. Erdem Yeşilada (Turkey)


Prof. Enrique Eduardo Patiño (Mexico)


James Townsend Fearnley (United Kingdom)


Prof. Li Wanyao (China)


Prof. Marla Spivak (USA)

Prof. Miguel José Rodrigues Vilas Boas (Portugal)

Prof. Niraldo Paulino (Brasil)


Prof. Sibel Silici (Turkey)


Prof. Sevgi Kolaylı (Turkey)

Dr. Stefan Stangaciu (Romania)

Prof. Vassya Bankova (Bulgaria)


Dr. Ali Timuçin ATAYOĞLU
President of International Federation of Apitherapy Co-Founder of Global Bee Medicine Group

Mr.James Fearnley 
Director of Apiceutical Research Center Co-Founder of Global Bee Medicine Group

Dr. Andres Castillo Montenegro
President of FELAPI

Dear Colleagues

Crisis And Opportunity

The COVID Crisis has given us some opportunities. Online conferences have vastly increased the ability of our international organisations to communicate on a global level and for attendees to participate on a global level too.

Rapid Rise And Rapid Response

We have seen a rapid rise in scientific interest in bee products as medicines with clinical work being undertaken in a number of countries. Not having to arrange venues, hotels, and flights etc has meant we can also respond quickly and effectively to new and changing situations.

Creating A Global Community

We have created the Global Bee Medicine Group to put on online conferences and webinars of immediate relevance as well as to provide a meeting place for the growing community of researcher’s medics and producers working to illustrate the already well known properties of bee products to wider audience.

Visitor Profile
  • Scientists
  • Patent, trademark, management, audit and certification experts
  • TCM Experts
  • Relevant Institutions, Associations and Unions, Consumers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Apitherapy products and technologies manufacturers
  • Propolis, bee venom, and other bee products manufacturers
  • Bee products-based food supplements producers
  • Biotechnology companies 
  • Honey, beekeeping equipment, and production technologies producers

Global Bee Medicine Conference

  • Expected  hundreds of participants from all around the world
  • One of a kind exhibition for the sectoral actors
  • A virtual global event in the middle of the pandemic 
  • All technological opportunities are employed for the sector
27-28 May IPRG Conference 2021