World Api Expo is bringing
the most important honey
producers in the world together

Special COVID-19
and Apitherapy Sessions

Keynote Speakers

James Fearnley
Propolis: Medicine for Our Time

Professor Ali Timucin
Training Doctors in Apitherapy

Professor Marla Spivak
Propolis and the Honey Bee Microbiome

Professor Miguel Boas Villas
Propolis: Setting International Standards

Dr. Andresa Berretta
Propolis and Its Use In Treating COVID-19

Professor Vassya Bankova
Propolis: Geographical Medicine

Dr Dave Watson
Propolis, A Review of Chemical and Biological Research

Felix Zulhendri
Propolis and Metabolic Syndrome

Dr. Ali Timuçin Atayoğlu
President of the International Apitherapy Federation (IFA), Co-Founder -GBMG ( Global Bee Medicine Group ).

James Fearnley 
Co-Founder -GBMG ( Global Bee Medicine Group )

Dear Colleagues

Crisis And Opportunity

The COVID Crisis has given us some opportunities. Online conferences have vastly increased the ability of our international organisations to communicate on a global level and for attendees to participate on a global level too.

Rapid Rise And Rapid Response

We have seen a rapid rise in scientific interest in bee products as medicines with clinical work being undertaken in a number of countries. Not having to arrange venues, hotels, and flights etc has meant we can also respond quickly and effectively to new and changing situations.

Creating A Global Community

We have created the Global Bee Medicine Group to put on online conferences and webinars of immediate relevance as well as to provide a meeting place for the growing community of researcher’s medics and producers working to illustrate the already well known properties of bee products to wider audience.

Visitor Profile
  • Scientists
  • Patent, trademark, management, audit and certification experts
  • TCM Experts
  • Relevant Institutions, Associations and Unions, Consumers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Apitherapy products and technologies manufacturers
  • Propolis, bee venom, and other bee products manufacturers
  • Bee products-based food supplements producers
  • Biotechnology companies 
  • Honey, beekeeping equipment, and production technologies producers

Global Bee Medicine Conference

  • Expected  hundreds of participants from all around the world
  • One of a kind exhibition for the sectoral actors
  • A virtual global event in the middle of the pandemic 
  • All technological opportunities are employed for the sector

1th Virtual Felapi Congress

27-28 May IPRG Conference 2021